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 I am at the airport now after having spent the last month in Finland. My time here was mostly spent training in swordsmanship for anywhere between 2 and 6 hours a day.

Other than swordfighting stuff, I have visited Lapland, which was the coldest environment I have ever visited and it didn't even reach -20 C. I also walked across a frozen lake and enjoyed the sauna with rolling in the snow, I rolled in the snow 4 times but C was only willing to do it once. While we were in Lapland for three nights we didn't get to see the Aurora, it was cloudy for two nights and there was no aurora on the third.

I thought I would have lots of time to write and work on websites while I was staying here but I haven't had as much focus as I thought I would in fact I haven't even spent as much time on solo training as I was expecting to. Partly this is because my expectations were unrealistic but I also spent much of my time watching TV shows with my Chilean housemate at the Salle, where I have been staying. 

On the topic of which Avatar the legend of Korra is really good, every season is different and the conflicts the characters are trying to solve come organically out of the previous series solutions as well as repercussions of the characters own actions. Gotham is also pretty good.

Helsinki is a small place and generally very cold by my standards, thankfully I have an excellent coat and I had plenty of things to do while I was here but I don't think it would be a good place to visit solely as a tourist. I fly to Gdansk in Poland in a few minutes where I don't plan on doing any sword training whatsoever, which should be good.
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 I am in a cafe in Finland I arrived yesterday and am staying at the Swordschool Salle. Everything is more expensive than I thought it might be but at least accommodation is free.

Tomas is an armorer from Chile and is staying at the salle for the same period I am, he has the advantage of having been here before so we have come into the city to use the internet and get a sim card for internet at the salle. It is very handy having him around as he knows how to get from place to place and to avoid eye contact on buses - it is dreadfully rude here apparently.

It's very cold but my clothes are meeting the challenge so far and I still have more warm clothes to add later on. This journal will probably be a bit stream of conciousness for a while. I am hoping to write up something more thought out for the other blog soon though I need to reflect on Swordfish and my introduction to Finland.


Nov. 3rd, 2014 08:24 pm
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I am on holiday for three months in Europe. I began my trip last Monday, arriving in Berlin on Tuesday. Two nights were spent there and then I traveled to Goteborg Sweden for a three day sword fighting event. I wandered around Goteborg today and saw Anne Elk in the zoo. Tomorrow I fly to Helsinki where I will stay for about five weeks before moving onto Poland and onto the rest of my trip.

I am going to try to blog more often while I am away and my more martial arts focused blogging will as usual go to Gilbertwolghope.


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