Jun. 30th, 2016

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Coping with intellectual hypocrisy contradiction is what adulting is all about.

Many examples spring to mind; studying historical fencing is one. You read the book, and try to understand what the author is saying across a context gap of maybe 600 years and someone else's translation. After you think you understand you try to apply the model to strike another person without being struck in return. When you are offended (old fashioned word for struck) you try to figure out if it happened because a) the model is wrong, b) your understanding of the model is wrong, or c) you didn't apply the model properly. When thinking about the problem you have to accept that the model you understand is simultaneously True, and Untrue.

There are more than two ways to think about punishing children too. You can treat them as a human being and reason your way out of trouble or you can treat them as not yet capable of reason and use force to achieve compliance. A baby isn't capable of reason, and an adult is theoretically reasonable. Using force on an adult is usually wrong, and allowing a child to hurt itself or others is also wrong.

What is an LJ for ? is it for yourself or for an audience. If it's for yourself why put it online at all, and if it's for an audience what do you get out of it. I think for me the audience is a humanity check. Writing or doing anything alone can become more and more eccentric. Being human is best done in a group. Sheri Tepper had a rather nice fantasy novel theory about people not being born with souls but developing them over time. Growing your soul requires examples, models things to react to.

Life news, today is the last day of the financial year and I have mostly got my affairs in order. Wifey has accepted rather more work next financial year which will impact my centrelink income significantly. She has done this in order to ensure financial stability before we have a child near the end of this year.  The time to consolidate our finances is growing nearer. 

I finished a semester of full time university three weeks ago and my results are beginning come through now. I studied Italian, Shakespearian literature, and US foreign policy since 1945. Looks like I will get about 80% for Italian, 75% for literature, and 85% for history; which is the best I have ever done in one semester. Next semester however I will be studying Italian only though - full time study doesn't suit my business or personal plans. Next week I will be working on a minor renovation for a friend which will hopefully be the last project I take on to bankroll my business.

The business is going reasonably well. I have many more students than this time last year and teach many more classes - eight a week, two on Tuesdays and Fridays, and four on Saturdays. I love the intellectual challenge of interpreting texts and teaching students but I am starting to feel the bite of competition. Unfortunately being a teacher and a competitor is very difficult not only are times to train myself hard to find but the teachers mindset is hard to avoid when sparring.

The house is beginning to get back under control. Full time university, running a business, a pregnant wife meant that cleaning was very low on my list of priorities. It's nice to have the time for frivolity like LJ and I am looking forward to being more social outside of fencing soon too.


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