Mar. 10th, 2015

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On Saturday morning, I taught the first class at my new HEMA school using wasters that had only been finished 3 hours before class. In the afternoon [ profile] rain_and_snow took me to Koko Black to celebrate and in the evening we watched Naruto. We're up to episode 200 and after about 50 episodes of filler the show is finally getting interesting again.

Sunday I lazed about and met up with my Spadone (Italian greatsword) study group in the afternoon, managing to convince my friend who is new to Spadone that he wants one.

Monday was spent having Yum Cha at Gold Leaf in Docklands for a friends birthday. The food was good though the prices are a little higher than I am used to. We went on to flagstaff gardens to enjoy board games in the shade. I mostly lay there digesting and enjoying conversation.

My current reading is Make it Stick: the Science of Successful Learning. Which is engaging and also laid out using the methodology it writes about. The emphasis so far is on the importance of testing and variation as learning tools; it's nice using Duolingo at the same time and seeing these methods in practice.

I am hoping to write more and use dreamwidth as a fast (i.e. not proof read) blogging place. The reflective practice (also mentioned in Make it Stick) should help me remember my life better too.


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